That's what we stand for

The idea of founding the association came to mind on the Ukrainian sailing ship "Tovarishch".


In conversation with the crew we were told: Tovarishch is Ukrainian for friend.

It was more than obvious: Friends, that is exactly what we want to be for the people we are helping each day.

Friends helping friends, this saying coins our commitment, it stands for what we believe in and it represents how we feel.


We want to be more than just your ordinary charity organisation.

The goals that we have are clear. We promote development assistance and youth welfare, encourage international attitude and tolerance for every culture.

What might sound abstract really is so simple:


We are here to help sick and underprivileged children and help them to lead a better life.

Even though we know that everything we do is only a small step - we also know that we have to take that step.

We try to give every child a more beautiful day.


How do we suit the action to the word?

Basically: We cover the costs for mecidal treatments, organise transport with all kinds of goods that might help children in need, provide support measures with donations and even help on-site.


"Life has meaning only if one barters it day by day for something other than itself."